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Tobacco - Hot Wet And Sassy [Vinyl LP]

Tobacco - Hot Wet And Sassy [Vinyl LP]

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It's been four years since "Sweatbox Dynasty", the fourth solo LP from Pennsylvanian experimentalist TOBACCO. In that time, Tom Fec's project has toured with Nine Inch Nails, provided the theme song to HBO series "Silicon Valley", and teamed with Aesop Rock for a collaborative album as Malibu Ken. He now returns to Ghostly International for "Hot Wet & Sassy", a full-length album oozing with his most playful and approachable songs to date, which, conversely, express notions of antilove, self-hate, and disappointment in others.

Pop impulses have always surged beneath the surface of his sound -blown-out bass, analog synths, drum machines, and Fec's unmistakable analog gurgle and hiss - here they've bubbled to the top. Includes a collaboration with Trent Reznor on the track "Babysitter" - a work of alchemy seamlessly blending TOBACCO's trademarks with Reznor's industrial rust and sonic gore.

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