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Eartheater - Trinity [Vinyl LP]

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Critically acclaimed New York based multi-instrumentalist, composer and vocalist Eartheater returns with the first-ever vinyl release of her acclaimed 2019 full-length mixtape Trinity. Featuring standout tracks "Supersoaker" and "Spill The Milk," Eartheater created Trinity with a range of New York-based producers in her immediate circle, featuring productions from AceMo, Dadras, Tony Seltzer, Kwes Darko, Color Plus, Denzxl and Hara Kiri. Every track is what Eartheater describes as "a gushy wet love anthem," conceived over the course of the summer. While working on a second album for PAN, these tracks percolated almost effortlessly with friends in Queens and Brooklyn. Trinity refers to water in it's three states-solid, liquid and gas-which is a recurring lyrical theme across the emotionally condensating mixtape.

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